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With over ten years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Nutrition Expert specializing in weight loss, functional training, and muscle toning, I invite you to reshape your mindset and body.


"I began training with Joe soon after the birth of my twins, and we are still going strong 9 years later!  Joe has been pivotal in helping me set realistic, yet challenging, goals both for strength / muscle toning and weight loss.   I’ve found that working out with him twice a week keeps my mind and body focused.  I started with Joe initially because I’d developed osteopenia (a precursor to osteoporosis).  I was on various medicines which were difficult to tolerate.  With Joe's weight training, we reversed the osteopenia and eliminated the medication.  My bones are strong and I feel str
ong, too!"

-Lisa Citron, A-List Film and Television Editor, Motion Picture Editors Guild, Hollywood, CA

"I needed to change my exercise regimen.  On January 1, 2004, I trained with Joe for the first time, and nearly 8 years later, we are still at it, training together at least twice a week.  As I look back, it has to be one of the truly great decisions I have ever made.  Joe is a fantastic and challenging trainer, designing innovative workouts that are fun and diverse.  I am stronger, more flexible, have less stress and better balance than ever, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t miss pick-up hoops games one bit.  I have found training with Joe to have been a great investment, and we are not just training partners after all these years, but good friends."

-Eric Sussman, Bloomberg BusinessWeek's "Outstanding Professor," UCLA Anderson School of Management, President, Amber Capital, Inc., Board of Directors, Causeway Capital (over $1.5 billion in assets), Stanford MBA

"In the 9 years I have worked with Joe, I have transformed from a slightly soft and flabby former athlete into someone who is regularly assumed to be at least 10 years younger than I am.  Eight months into training with Joe, a friend asked me if I "had a lot of work done."  No, but I had done a lot of work!  Joe is gifted at knowing how to tailor sessions for each of his clients to motivate, inspire, and get results.  In many ways, I am healthier and in better shape than any time in my life."  

-Ruth Glass, School Principal, Lake Tahoe, CA

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